Euronews travel to the East


Although it’s not very pleasant for a Spaniard to talk about Turkey just after the last basketball game of the Eurobasket, I do think that the interest of Turkish public television in Euronews Channel deserves some reflexion.

The Turkish Public Broadcasting channel has become the forth shareholder of Euronews, with 15.7%. Euronews president sees a great opportunity to spread its channel, whereas the General Manager of the Turkish channels assesses that it’s also a way of fostering the integration in the European Union.

It is obvious that there are strong political interests behind this.  So, there are some questions which arise, in relation with this channel. To what extent Euronews is an independent channel? Euronews says about itself that it is the unique news channel mantaining impartiality and avoiding a national viewpoint. Is that possible having shareholder such as Turkish Public Broadcaster?

It is time to assume that Euronews is as much voice of the people as the other news channels, with its pressures and influences, and also, we hope, with the professionality of its journalists.

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