Are soccer rights profitable at all?


It seems pay television services are looked again as  a profitable business model for the future of television.  After enjoying the monopoly of soccer rights in the late 90s, pay television services (either satellite or cable) saw themselves fighting for soccer rights with open-to-air channels, loosing the cornerstone of their business.

However, with the advent of digital terrestrial television, the open-to-air channels have struggled to get the permission from the Spanish government to establish pay channels through terrestrial television. And they got it this last summer. Once the permission is got, under a great controversial, the problems come from the electronics industry. There are no decoders ready to assume this change with complete guarantees.And there is only one channel under pay television premises at the moment: Gol TV, which serves soccer games under pay per view.

Are pay services the future to make a profitable business in television? Was no other way than allowing open-to-air channels to become pay services? I do think the answer is easier, since it is not a matter of making television business profitable. The problems we have are the answer of having made soccer rights so overestimated. The question should be formulated as follow: Are there enough advertising incomes and direct viewer payments to give football clubs the money we have offered to them for so many years?

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