Is there any willing to pay for on line content?


The paid content:UK/Harris Inteactive poll has shown the small willingness to pay for on line newspapers.  Only 5% of the users say they would pay for on line news. However, when the question uses the combination of discounts with on line and paper edition, the willingness to pay increases. Nearly 48% of users would pay for on line news if it included a free/discounted paper sub.  This means that print still has a value.

Whereas some studies show that combination of paper and online products are the only way to charge, others continue to believe in the power of the brand, as News Corp.  Richard Freudenstein, CEO of News Digital Media says: “News has conducted some audience research here in Australia and in the UK and U.S., which gives us confidence that, if we get the product and delivery system right, people will happily pay for news content online, on their computer, mobile, e-reader or other devices.”

What it seems clear is that the most appropriate bussiness model will be found after trying and combining numerous possibilities. In the meantime, we will be able to enjoy very valuable on line content for free.

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