Is Murdoch winning the battle?


It seems Murdoch’s strategy with “The Wall Street Journal” works. After a great controversy when he decided to charge for on line-subscriptions, figures say he was right.

In a period of tough crisis, the number of total copies sold has increased in 12,000, with a total circulation of 2.02 millions. In USA, the number of on line subscription is included in the circulation numbers, but not in Spain. This explains the growth. In fact, there were 350,000 on line subscriptions between January-March.

The growth of circulation of  “The Wall Street Journal”, taking together paper and on line subscriptions, tells us about the power of the brand. In times where charging is not considered the better strategy, the decission of Murdoch goes beyond the means. Regardless paper or Intenet, what matters is that there are people who are willing to pay for the information that “The Wall Stree Journal” provides. Brand and content are the key to succeed in the information business.

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