The Spanish media in the NBA


Marca and NBA

** has been publishing much information about NBA since last year:
videos, photos, statements of players, reports… The reason is that some amazing Spanish basketball players are playing there, the  best basketball league in the world.

Pau Gasol, after winning a ring, the European basketball cup and the MVP, attracts the attention of several media and many people who want to know more about the basketball star.

Rudy Fernández is another important Spanish player. Although he is not playing very much in Portland, the media loves him because he is a very good dunker and has a great personality.

José Manuel Calderón is currently one of the leaders in Toronto Raptors. He is the main guard and, after Gasol, is the Spanish with the best perspectives in this season. Marc Gasol is doing very good, but he has not team (Memphis Grizzlies) to win many matches. Sergio Rodriguez plays for Sacramento Kings and is trying to improve.

The point here is that the Spanish media (Canal +, Marca, As, El Mundo Deportivo, El Mundo) and the NBA have found a new market in each other. The basketball supporters in Spain are now looking forward to seeing the best Spanish basketball players playing in the best basketball league in the world. And that is something the NBA wanted to happen. The signing of European players gave them what they desired: the attention of the European media.

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