Digital Terrestrial TV in Europe


At the end of 2008, coverage of digital terrestrial television in Europe reached 92,38% of households in Spain, 90% in Germany, 89% in France, 85% in Italy and 80% in United Kingdom.

To be able to receive digital signals, househlods should have a
digital television set with an internal digital decoder (an “integrated digital TV”) or a digital set-top box to convert the digital transmission before its gets to the analogue television set. Acording to EGM, in June 2009 only 45,2% Spanish househols have done such transition, but that figure is an increase of 93% from previous year.

The digital switchover will mean more choice, better picture quality, and more diversity. It will create more oportunities for creativity and innovation. But to make the most of such options, media managers should be focused on long term projects which will provide brand prestige and consumer satisfaction.

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