The same crisis for everyone?



It is a recognised fact that the advertising industry is crossing a deep period crisis due to the economic crisis faced by the different world economies. In fact, the world advertising investment has fallen during the first semester of 2009 in 16.4%. However, a detailed analysis of the data leads us to conclude that the effects are not the same for all countries and all media. As long as geographical areas are concerned, America and Europe are the most influenced ones.

Regarding media, we find that conventional media are being influenced to a greater extent than non conventional media. Among conventional media different responses before crisis are found. For example, the Internet is the only medium that where the total advertising expenses have not declined, but experienced a slight growth. The medium most influenced by the crisis has been the cinema, with a fall of 63.3% from January to September 2009. Next follows the investment in magazines, falling in a 37%. Investment in advertising in newspapers and television has fallen in a 28%, whereas expenses in radio have been reduced in a 17%.

This leads to conclude that the crisis has not been the same for all the media. Research suggests that in a period of crisis advertising in audiovisual media is less influenced than investment in printed media. Data from the current recession period seem to confirm it. Radio has emerged as a more resistant medium in crisis times and advertising expenses have experienced a strong decline. The surprising data can be found in the fall in advertising investment in television. Its share in total investment has declined and during two quarters in a row in 2009 has lost more investment than the industry average.

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