Murdoch’s delays…


Despite the promises of Murdoch of establishing “pay walls” very soon, he is finding harder than expected to introduce charges for readers in his cyberpapers.

He has admitted that the schedule was slipping for the start of online charging at papers including the Sun, the Times, the New York Post and the Australian. Although he declined to give reasons for the delay, he recognised he was talking to some rival groups, such as Telegraph Group in Britain.

The most revealing consequence of all this is the need of consensus in the industry to be able to take the risk. Murdoch does not want to take the first step unless he is certain somebody else is going to take the second one. Therefore, it is not just a matter of finding the most profitable business model for yourself. In this industry, as it has happened before with El País in Spain, it’s a matter of what we agree to do.

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    Oh my god enjoyed reading this post. I added your rss to my blogreader!!

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