Internet as a Battlefield for Media Companies


Internet has changed the “rules of the game” for media companies: it has destoyed the big music companies’ distribution advantages; it has allowed the launching of online news services which means more competition for newspapers and magazines; it has increased the windows for audiovisual services; it has fostered the launching of new offers in the market like social networks, blogs and other user generated contents.

Managers of media companies should pay attention to this new battlefield: they should understand who are the winners and what are the reasons for their success.

Amazon, Google, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, BBC News Online, YouTube… do they have any similar key success factors? We suggest here some “Internet winners’s” common values: they have highly motivated people; innovative culture; long-term focus; attitude of embracing uncertainty; lack of ties with past experences; openess to learn from experiments and from errors; strategic foresight which combines different methods and perspectives.

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