Media Concentration in the World


From 1960 to 2000 there were a controversy about concentration of media companies all over the world. Sometimes, media moguls were described as people who did not care about their media outlets’ impact on society because they were only focused on how to increase profits and shareholder value. During that period, big media companies became more international, more diversified, more horizontally and vertically integrated, and more powerful.

What is going on nowdays? Are media markets more concentrated? The answer depends on how we define markets. If we analize the newspaper market or the magazine market, we will identify a trend towards more concentration in most countries. But if we take the “information market” (including online services, radio news networks, 24 hours news TV channels, blogs and other user generated contents) it is obvious that there are less players whith dominant positions and less bottlenecks in the value chains. That applies both to news markets and entertainment markets.

If media markets are less concentrated, it is time to change some legal frameworks which made sense in the old times but which are inefficient and oldfashioned when choice for consumers is almost limitless. (That, of course, applies only to free market societies but not to state-controlled economies like China, Cuba or North Korea).

One Response to “Media Concentration in the World”

  1. Miguel Carvajal Says:

    Alfonso, you got the point. Anyway, I have read a book published here at the Donald McGannon Center by Mark Cooper. The book is called The Case Against Media Consolidation (here you have a bried He tries to explain how FCC regulation doesn’t have to change at all. He thinks the big way public get information is still mainstream media. So, to him new media and user generated content is not yet as bigger as to diversify public opinion. He’s a kind of activist from consumers organization, and a well documented researcher.

    Our media concetration issue is always hot topic.
    Best regards from NY! Un abrazo!

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