Media Companies and Advertising Income


The 2009 figures about advertising income in Spain have just been published. Total advertising expenditure decrased 14,8 percent. The crisis have been stronger in consumer magazines (-34,9 percent), sundays (-33 percent) and film exhibition (-26,5 percent). But other traditional media also felt the pinch: tv decreased 23,2 percent, daily newspapers 22,1 percent and radio stations 16,3 percent.

However, the most negative fact for media companies was that advertising in media decreased 20,8 percent while below the line advertising only decreased 9,4 percent. This difference could mean that advertisers are paying more attention to the effectiveness of their ad investments.

Media companies need to be more attractive for advertisers: they should point out to the quality of their audience and the power of their brands and contents to reinforce the commercial messages’ credibility; they should also sell advertising packs through several media outlets (print, audiovisual and online); and they should use more innovative marketing strategies when they deal with possible customers.

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