Orbyt or the search for a profitable business model for on line information


The Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” has recently launched “Orbyt”, a “new way of reading newspapers for the XXI century”, according to his editor, Pedro J. Ramírez. Orbyt will allow users to read whenever and wherever they want, and also, through different devices.

Orbyt is not just a way to read on line newspapers, but a different concept of approaching  information in the web 2.0 world. Users can access the archives, all the regional editions and magazines, give their opinions, interact with the newsroom, or participate in the configuration of the daily paper. According to Pedro J. Ramírez, Orbyt is a new way of  “reading, seeing, feeling, listening, participating, and living the newspaper”.

In times of crisis, “El Mundo” has launched an initiative which tries to add value to the traditional information on line. In fact, the on line newspaper remains the same and for free. Orbyt costs 14.99 euros per month, and therefore, it follows a different business model. After the launching, the application seems to be successful for Iphones, since in 48 hours, there have been 4.000 unloads.

It is worthwile to watch the development of this application as a way of implementing innovation in the searching for profitable business models.

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