No 7: Issues on Media and Entertainment

Issues on Media and Entertainment

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. Why is it unique: understanding the language of media
3. A unique business environment
4. The ongoing ideological debate on media bias
5. Media as part of large corporations. A threat or an opportunity?
6. Media and entertainment companies as excellent settings
7. Some contemporary challenges for quality media and entertainment
7.1. Poor credibility
7.2. Short-term orientation: lying about circulation
7.3. Dropping news and political coverage
7.4. Selling sex, provocation and the quest for edgy content
7.5. Lack of audience knowledge and understanding
7.6. Protecting children and adolescents
7.7. Lack of creativity in film and broadcasting
7.8. Lack of creativity in advertising
8. Industries in transition
8.1. The paradigm shift in advertising
8.2. Change in the publishing industry
8.3. Change in television: from broadcasting
8.4. Change in radio: satellite technology changes the scene
9. What is media quality?
10. Conclusions

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