No 9: Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Newspaper Industry

Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Newspaper Industry

Entrepeneurship implies alertness to opportunities. The continuous changes taking place in the media industry generate multiple opportunities that newspaper firms need to recognise and exploit in order to say in business. The term corporate entrepeneurship refers to the ability of established firms to do so.

This book examines how corporate entrepeneurship is taking place in the newspaper industry by looking at the effects of an entrepreneurial strategy-making mode in newspaper firms from a configurational perspective. This means investigating multiple dimensions of entrepreneurial behaviour while considering the impact of the competitive environment and the firm´s organisational structure.

The study reviews the relevant literature on strategic management and entrepreneurship and describes the multiple changes taking place in the newspaper industry. It employs a mixed method research design thus complementing a quantitative survey with two case studies. Finally, the conclusions are presented along a series of recommendations for newspaper managers.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose

1.2. Theoretical basis

1.3. The newspaper industry as research setting

2. Theoretical Framework

2.1. Strategy and configurations

2.2. Strategy-making modes

2.3. Entrepreneurial strategy-making mode

2.4. Research questiones

3. The Newspaper Publishing Industry

3.1. Entrepreneurial Media

3.2. The media business

3.3. Environment changes affecting the newspaper industry

3.4. Organisational changes in the newspaper industry

3.5. Configurational models

4. Method

4.1. Research design

4.2. Quantitative method

4.3. Qualitative method

5. Quantitative Analysis

5.1. Descriptive statistics

5.2. Factor analysis

5.3. Correlational analysis

5.4. Regression analysis

5.5. Testing hypotheses

5.6. Summary of results

6. Qualitative Analysis

6.1. El Mercurio (Santiago, Chile)

6.2. El Tiempo (Bogatá, Colombia)

6.3. How entrepreneurial is each newspaper?

6.4. Linking the findings of the case studies to the hypotheses

7. Conclusions

7.1. Examining the findings

7.2. Implications for management

7.3. Future research

Aldo van Weezel is Professor of Media Management and Economics at the School of Communication in Universidad de los Andes (Santiago, Chile). He has a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Jönköping University), a MSc in Engineering (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and a Master´s degree in Media Management (University of Navarra).

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